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Is Stucco a Good Choice For House Siding?

Oct 21

There are pros and cons to stucco, but it is often a great choice for home siding because of its versatility and customizable finish. It can be textured, smooth, or tinted to match any style of home. In addition, stucco is highly fire-resistant and meets local fire codes.

Let's take a look at other advantages of stucco siding for your home.

Resistant to rot

If you're planning on installing siding on your house, you'll want to make sure that the material is resistant to rot. Some types of wood are naturally rot resistant, while others aren't as durable. Stucco is largely weather resistant.

Pressure-treated pine is inexpensive and rot-resistant. It also holds paint well. However, you'll want to make sure that the wood has been allowed to dry for several weeks before painting it.

Engineered wood siding is a good choice for a house because it is more resistant to rot than natural wood. It's also easier to nail and cut than real wood and is available in any color. In addition, it's easy to stain or paint to match the exterior of your home.

Fast-growth pine is not a good choice for siding because it's prone to cupping, checking, and splitting. It's also a poor choice for clapboards and board siding because it's not naturally resistant to rot. But there are plenty of alternatives for wood that's resistant to rot, including softwoods.

Easy to install

Stucco is an excellent choice for house siding because of its low maintenance and long-lasting appearance. With proper care, it can provide as much as 40 years of protection from the elements. Stucco also provides a natural stone look and is resistant to fire and critters. In addition to the durability and low maintenance, stucco is relatively easy to apply to any surface.

Some DIY homeowners may be able to repair damaged stucco on their own. They can apply elastomeric caulk to set back large stucco chips. They can also use patching materials to fill small holes. However, if you are planning to repair a large portion of the house siding, it's best to hire a local stucco professional.

Stucco is extremely durable and can last for 50 years or more in many climates. It's important to regularly clean stucco with a pressure washer and repair minor cracks. It is also possible to re-paint stucco, if necessary.

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The cost of stucco for house siding varies, depending on the style and number of layers. The cost of stucco will also be determined by the quality of the stucco finish. Some finishes require special expertise and materials. Another popular finish is dash, which gives the siding a textured gravel look.

A single-story house can be stuccoed for between $8 and $12,000, depending on its size. For smaller homes, the average cost is around $2 per square foot. For larger homes, the cost is around $7 to $9 per square foot. It's recommended to hire a stucco installation specailist.

The cost of stucco for house siding will vary according to the amount of work needed and the type of materials. Some people choose to hire a general contractor to install stucco. In the southwestern region, stucco siding is considered a sign of sophistication. However, the labor is a major factor in the cost of stucco siding. Since stucco is an expensive material, hiring a skilled worker is important.

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